Paws Up Projects

Welcome to Paws Up Projects!

We are thrilled to have you visit Paws Up Projects!  We love animals and know you do too.  I’m Kasey Brown, a retired middle school teacher.  I taught math, but also created a class called Animal Care & Welfare.  Kids love to meet and learn about animals.

Throughout the years I taught the class we focused on 3 things:

1) Kids learned about key topics like spay/neuter, overpopulation, what it takes to be an awesome pet guardian, puppy mills and more.

2) We had lots of guest speakers visit where we learned about cat TNR, dog training, rabbit care, snakes, working dogs, and took a walking field trip to our local shelter, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS), which was priceless.

3) Students completed projects of their choice that directly helped animals in some way.  This included fundraising, educating others and helping animals to get adopted.  Some examples of projects students did were putting up bulletin boards in our school hallways promoting adoptable pets, educating about puppy mills and even an interactive Grief Wall where anyone could post a picture of a pet that passed away with a little note.  We also did school wide scavenger hunts that taught about key topics and advisory lessons on the history of Pit Bulls.  We raised thousands of dollars for many local rescues/shelters by selling pizza after school, bake sales and held special events like delivering Valentine’s Day  goodies to classmates.  In all cases we included little facts to continually teach about animals.

Fast forward to now.  I always want to help animals and believe in the creativity of community.  Paws Up Projects is a fun way for anyone to help animals and inspire others at the same time.  Take a look around and see the cool projects being done to help shelters and rescues and start your own!  Remember to check out the shelters and rescues listed so far too.  Check back often as we are just getting started.

Welcome aboard and thank you for helping animal shelters and rescues!

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