Paws Up Projects

Paws Up Video Introduction!

Learn what Paws Up Projects is all about in our 2 minute video!  A lot of the footage is from my days as a middle school teacher.  Although I taught math, I also created and taught an elective class called “Animal Care & Welfare”, for 7 years.

My students learned about important topics like spay/neuter, cat overpopulation, how to care for a companion animal and more.  We also had guest speakers in regularly where the class learned about TNR, caring for rabbits, what our local animal shelter does and had interactive experiences w/animals right in our classroom!  The last focus of the class was for kids to group up and do a project of their choice as long as it benefitted shelter/rescue animals and/or educated about pets.

As an educator it was always amazing to watch the creativity, collaboration and excitement from my students as they planned and brought their projects into reality.  Paws Up Projects is an extension of those days and I sincerely hope you join us!