Paws Up Projects

I’m inspired by kids like Aidan who chose to make cookies on a day off of school to sell and donate the money to a local animal shelter.  

I’m inspired by Sandy who is 92 years old and crochets cat blankets for kittens at a local rescue.  Everyone can make a difference and help animal shelters and rescues.  

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved animals.  My first pet was Prince Boy- a large white cat with blue eyes.  Today I am happy to parent two rescued Chihuahuas named Chula and Sunny.  They are small but mighty!

I am a retired teacher, education entrepreneur and lifelong animal lover.  Primarily a math teacher I also created and taught a class called Animal Care & Welfare.  Kids love animals, want to help and are incredibly creative.

Why did I create Paws Up Projects?  Because it’s a way to connect, inspire and support anyone to help animal shelters and rescues.  They need our help and here’s a fun way to do it!

Kasey Brown
Chula and Sunny
My Chihuahuas Chula and Sunny!
Kasey with her first pet
My first pet, Prince Boy and me at 10 years old!