Paws Up Projects

Welcome!  I’m Kasey Brown, a retired teacher, education entrepreneur and lifelong animal lover. 

My first pet was Prince Boy- a large white cat with blue eyes.  Today I am happy to parent two rescued Chihuahuas named Chula and Sunny.  They are small but mighty!

As a teacher, I  primarily taught middle school math, but also created an elective class called Animal Care & Welfare.  It was an incredible experience where we had guest speakers, kids learned about important topics like spay/neuter, overpopulation, TNR, their local shelter and more.  Students also did a project of their choice that helped shelter pets in some way or educated others about animal welfare issues.  Kids love animals, want to help and have lots of creative ideas.

Kasey Brown Founder of Paws Up Projects
Kasey Brown, Founder

I created Paws Up Projects as a way to inspire and support anyone to help animal shelters and rescues.  They need our help and here’s a fun way to do it!

I’m inspired by kids like Aidan who chose to make cookies on a day off of school to sell and donate the money to a local animal shelter.  

I’m inspired by Sandy who is 92 years old and crochets cat blankets for kittens at a local rescue.  Everyone can make a difference and help animal shelters and rescues.  

Chula and Sunny
My Chihuahuas Chula and Sunny!
Kasey with her first pet
My first pet, Prince Boy and me at 10 years old!

Our Mission

Paws Up Projects proudly provides free animal shelter project ideas and step-by-step instructions along with a gallery of inspiring success stories. We are on a mission to empower communities everywhere to support animal shelters and rescues through impactful projects.

We know how hard animal shelters and rescues are working every day to find loving forever homes for so many animals. There is a continual need for supplies, volunteers, fosters, adoption promotion help, funds and so much more. Projects are a great way to support and help shelters and rescues. Anyone can do a project and make a real difference for animals!