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Baking cookies to benefit the animals

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Aidan decided that he wanted to do something besides playing Minecraft all day. Inspired by activists who fight for animal rights, he decided to do something for his community on MLK day. He decided that he would make homemade chocolate chip cookies and went door to door to sell them with the help of his brother, Austin. Aidan wanted to give the money that he raised to a homeless shelter or animal shelter. When asked why he picked PAWS, he said, “I looked in my area and saw that PAWS had some of the best reviews!” He said that his favorite part of this project was baking, meeting people and truthfully, eating some of the cookies! Aidan’s advice for other kids that want to help animals is to take one of your favorite hobbies that makes art (or something delicious) and sell it! After that, figure out where you want to donate the money and schedule an appointment to give the money to the organization! We asked Aidan if there was anything else he wanted to share about what he accomplished for the animals. He said, “This is just the start on what I want to do with my life. I want to do more to protect wildlife and especially endangered species.”

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Aidan and Austin's baking fundraising project



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