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5 ways to help shelters/rescues other than adopting!

Giving a shelter/rescue pet a loving home by adopting or fostering is always needed and appreciated. But, we can’t always adopt/foster and want to help. Here are 5 other ideas where you can make a direct impact and help shelter/rescue pets:

#5: Promote an adoptable pet on social media. Visit your local shelter/rescue’s website and share a picture and story description. If you are not sure where to find your nearby shelter/rescue you can go to the petfinder search page.

#4: Towels anyone? Pretty much all shelters/rescues are in need of towels. Towels are used for bedding and comfort in kennels, hygiene and cleanup, handling and transporting pets, grooming and a host of other needs. Collect towels from your friends, neighbors and family and donate them to your local shelter/rescue. It will be appreciated!

#3: Do you have a car? Consider transporting a shelter/rescue pet to an appointment or to an adoption event or even their new adopter. Let your local shelter/rescue know you are available for transport.

#2: Say Thanks! Lending moral support can go a long way.   Homemade cards from kids, scout groups or a local school can really boost morale for shelters/rescue staff.  Check out a cool project kids did to celebrate shelter volunteers here.

#1: Consider doing a mini fundraiser to raise $ and also awareness for your local shelter/rescue.   Selling baked goods and handing out an interesting fact along with each cookie or treat is a meaningful and fun way to educate and raise funds at the same time. An example fact might be: “Spaying a female cat can not only help cat overpopulation, but can also reduce or eliminate the risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer “. There are lots of cool ideas out there for fundraisers ranging from lemonade stands, making and selling jewelry, holiday related fundraisers and more. Be sure to check out Paws Up Projects for more tried and true ideas.

Author: Kasey Brown; Founder, Paws Up Projects