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About the Organization:

Since 1993, Hopalong and Second Chance Animal Rescue has rescued, fostered, spayed/neutered, and placed thousands of vulnerable companion animals. In July of 2021 Hopalong joined Marin Humane Society and is an integral and thriving part of running an incredible Foster Program with a network of hundreds of foster families. Hopalong continues to help rescue and place pets working with shelters/rescues across the state of California.

Fun Fact:

Hopalong was founded by a dedicated volunteer from the Oakland Animal Shelter.


Proposed Project: Foster for us!

Project Description:

Foster families provide a loving, temporary home to animals who aren’t quite ready for adoption. A home environment is much less stressful on pets versus the shelter environment and it allows us to learn more about the personality and habits of each animal.
How long is the foster commitment?
Fostering might last from a week to a month or more. The length depends on each animal’s situation and what works best for you. Most animals come back to the shelter for vaccinations or other medical care and some come back during the day to meet potential adopters.
Fostering an animal is very rewarding and makes a world of difference!
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Delivery Instructions:

Please fill out a foster application at:
and we will get back to you! Thank You!

Alex with foster kittens