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Greyhound Friends For Life (GFFL)

About the Organization:

GFFL started as a rescue for retired racing greyhounds. Even before racing ended we saw the need for a rescue group that will take any sighthound in need. Both in the US and beyond.
We bring in greyhound mixes (lurchers) from the Central Valley of CA. Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) come in from Spain. Former racers from Australia, and sighthounds of all types from So. Korea. We hope that the FDA will lighten up on the restrictions on UAE and we will bring in Salukis again.

Fun Fact:

One of our volunteers went to Spain to bring back galgos. Alone they brought back 10!

Greyhound Friends for Life - Rescue, Adoption, Advocacy

Proposed Project: Coat and Toys for New Dogs!

Project Description:

Toys are easy to make. Any shape. They can be made of microfleece or a tougher fabric and filled with stuffing. A squeaker can be added or not. Will add info about coat-a pattern etc. later.

Delivery Instructions:

I can be emailed at