Paws Up Projects

El Paso Animal Services

About the Organization:

As part of our lifesaving mission and to sustain a no-kill community, we strive to provide humane education, resources, and outreach to members of the community for all ages. El Paso Animal Services believes that educating and providing the right information to the community is key to ensuring pets are safe, happy and healthy in the community and at the center.

Fun Fact:

We have the very first of its kind Catz at the Zoo adoption center. That's right an adoption center located within our City's Zoo! We have had great success in adopting little cats while families go in looking for the big cats!

Proposed Project: Pet Pantry/Adopt Me Bandanas

Project Description:

We would love to have food and pet supplies donated to our Pet Pantry! We have so many community members who benefit from this program. We would love to see a donation drive hosted for the pets in our community!

Adopt Me Posters or Bandanas would go a long way to help our hundreds of pets get adopted! We are very high intake facility so we would love to see our pets have their kennels decorated.

I would also love to see "Thank you letters" made for our staff! We have some amazing people here who forget how special they are and all the good work we are doing for our community and the pets. It is a very hard job and unfortunately, we can get back lash from community members which takes a toll on our staff. I am sure some words of encouragement for all the pets lives they saved would boost their morale and remotivate their "Why."

Delivery Instructions:

Via mail 5001 Fred Wilson Ave. 79906 El Paso Texas

Jessica Navarro