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Helping Our Feathered Friends: Girl Scout Silver Award

Kaylee is a cadette girl scout and describes her project: I was fortunate to have partnered with Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehab Center  (OHSWRC) for my Silver Award project. They are a center with “trained rehabilitators who give specialized care for injured, orphaned, displaced, and/or distressed urban wildlife in order to release them back into their native habitat.” Some of the wildlife cared for are the wild birds that are focused in this project. They rescued hundreds of birds such as house sparrows, Western Bluebirds, and American Robins. Manager Ms. Kelli mentored me on what wild birds need and what the community can do for them. In return, I made movable perches, and donated supplies and bird food for the wild birds staying at OHSWRC.  Check out Kaylee’s wonderful website here!

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Girl Scout Silver Award helping shelter and wild birds



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