Paws Up Projects

Aspiring creative entrepreneurs help the animals!

One day Violet came up with the idea to have a fundraiser for the cats, dogs, and wild animals of PAWS. She decided that she wanted to invite her friend, Katherine, to help as well. Violet said, “Naturally she wanted to, we both LOVE animals!” Together they worked together to create comics, coloring books, and cards for people in their neighborhood to buy. Throughout all the products, animals were featured, which was extremely fitting for a fundraiser for the animals of PAWS. Katherine said, “I’m glad Violet asked me to join and inspired me to draw a comic book.” When we asked Violet what she would say to other kids who want to help the animals she said, “Don’t give up! It can take a long time and it is not as simple as you may think, but it can happen if you keep going!” We asked Violet why she picked PAWS and she said, “PAWS is great but what makes it really great? The answer is simple. PAWS helps wild animals too.”

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